Service Providers Contracted for the Work Programme by DWP

Lack of employment and under employment is a concern for an estimated 85% of autstic people in England.

This link is a list of all service providers that have been contracted by the Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) for the Work Programme

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Mapping Local Authority Disability Service Budget Cuts

The information on this site maps the budget cuts to disability services in England and Wales. It shows how well local authorities are coping with budget cuts and which services are being impacted.

The map shows which local authorities are coping with the changes to disability budgets well, and which are not.

Move your computer mouse over the map of Enlgand to your local area. When the name of your local authority is displayed click the mouse to access details.

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Contact Details for Local MP’s

If you need to contact you MP, this link gives you their contact details. You need only submit your postcode.


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2011 in Review

Autism North West commenced as a user led group in 2011 and as we have entered 2012 it is time to reflect on the progresses made until this point.

  • Administrative tasks completed including finalisation of name and bank account opened.
  • September meeting formalised the Autism North West board members: Ian Greenwood as Chair, Sally Parnell as Treasurer and Sue as the Administrator.
  • Sally co-opted onto the National board of Autistic Rights Movement committee.
  • The team agreed to host Rudy Simone, autistic author, for a one day conference in May 2012.
  • In September, Sally Parnell presented Autism North West at a People’s First meeting
  • In October, Sally Parnell presented Autism North West to the group Action For ASD
  • In October we had a meeting for the NW Regional Forum and 7 members of Autism North West attended.
  • Autism North West (ANW) met with Peter Soothill (Integrated Services Manager for Blackburn) and discussed future planning to establish ANW within the region.
  • Sue Hird (Area Commissioning Manager) suggested Autism North West become involved in an external reference group to compliment the Lancashire Autism Partnership Board.
  • In October, Ian and Sally attended the Lancashire Autism Partnership Board meeting
  • In November, we held another ANW general meeting before representing autistic people on a National level. We met with Michael Swaffield from the Department of Health) who is the UK’s National Lead Policy Maker associated with the Adult Autism Strategy. Alongside us were 3 members of ARM UK.
  • In November Autism North West attended the Lancashire Autism Partnership Board meeting where Sally and Ian joined the Communication & Information sub group
  • Sally attended the North West Regional meeting for People’s First.
  • In December we held a special meeting where Chris Blakemore was invited and accepted the position of Co-Chair alongside Ian Greenwood for Autism North West.
  • In December Autism North West attended our third Lancashire Autism Partnership Board meeting.  Sue Hird (Area Commissioning Manager) confirmed we would discuss ANW visiting user groups in the New Year to get their views on what the sub-groups from the partnership board were working on.  Chris Blakemore also attended and went to the Employment Sub-group.
  • ANW is a member of ARM UK. ANW is in regular communication with members of the ARM UK Committee
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